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You like tank battles of Word of Tanks but you are tired to player single? It means the time for trying new feelings from one of the best online games has come and it means you should be about to join World of Tank clanhaving consolidated own efforts with like-minded fellows. We invite you to a World of Tanks team of the KENT Club!


Military MMO World of Tanks is one of the most massive online games in the world today. Now it is already classic of the genre whose army of fans is about a few millions gamers.

The game gives an opportunity to feel yourself as a commander of a tank and to take a part in battles of the World War Two. WOT differs with a thorough reproduction of all details of real vehicles which belong to both fighting teams. During the battle it is necessary to take into an account all of characteristics battle machines starting from a thickness of an armor in one or another part and finishing by a location of a crew and an ammunition.

Battle maps differ with a multiplicity and let you try to take a part in battles on a variety of a landscape. But the most important you are not fighting with fool predictable bots but with real opponents which are aiming to win and doing their best for this.

Exciting PvP regime makes the game be seriously spectacular. However you can take a true flush due to this game only fighting in dignified World of Tanks team. Only in this case you are able to feel a safe shoulder of your teammates and word for word to break the mountains! Our World of Tanks clan will become for you the best choice of yours. Here you will get the maximum of a satisfaction from the game and a real communication!


The KENT Club is a society found by captivated and optimistic people with an objective to cooperate those who are in sympathy with our life views. Here you will find interesting pastime and a real aim in difficult situations. Here you will meet new people which will be able to become real friends.

Our main priorities:

  • fascinating cooperation between club fellows;
  • cooperative online games – the club has own clans in the most interesting projects including World of Tanks clan;
  • parties and meetings;;
  • bilateral aid and cooperative solution of club fellows problems;
  • aid for sore children.

We invite you to play in outstanding game World of Tanks as a teammate of our clan.


If you are interested in exciting pastime with a favorite game you will find real like-minded persons and friends in our World of Thanks clan. We consolidate people with a good sense of a humor, positive state of mind and a love to online games.

We offer to play in World of Tanks clan which tends to win in battle fields. With us you will be able to achieve a high level of skills in this game. It is interesting and gaily to play with us!

The main opportunities for our clan fellows:

  • voice chat in inner circle rooms for free communication and coordination an activity on a battle field;
  • participation in team fights in a cast of a clan;
  • new feres and interesting meetings with associates;
  • trainings and help of experienced gamers of WOT;
  • fascinating pastime in the game and beyond.

We are continuously in progress and suggest the fellows of the clan new interesting opportunities.

Join our clan and achieve the tops of World of Tanks!