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Do you adore air and tank battles which are happened in the world of War Thunder but you want to get the maximum of impression from this excellent game? If it is so then our clan of War Thunder is that what you actually need! Stop fighting single, become a fellow of a strong-knit team, be taught by experienced gamers and take victories with us!


Multiplayer military online action War Thunder was presented in 2013 but it has already got approbation of a million of gamers all over the world. The game attracts to wonderful visuals and perfect realism. Here you will have to take a part in battles of World War Two in a battle aircraft or to take a control over a tank.

Excellent PVP regime, realism of a control over a battle vehicle, massive maps of battles – all of this will make you totally sink in the game. If you do not play in War Thunder yet you have lost a lot and you need to get back this loss urgently. But of you are already captivated by this game then it is time to achieve the next level! Either in this or in the other case the best decision is to join War Thunder clan of our Club.

Just team battles where you feel a real backing of partners from your side and feel your own responsibility for them let you sense true realism of a fight. Scilicet because of this to play in War Thunder team is more interesting than as a single player. It is the best way to play in a team consolidating real friends and true fans of fascinating War Thunder game.


The KENT Club is a society of people captivated by computer online games and by many other interesting things. We suggest you to join our Club and play in our War Thunder clan. In our clan you will be able to meet real accomplices and excellent partners in game battles.

Our Club is a partnership of people following interesting and fascinating pastime. We like to communicate, to play and to win. Hope you will get comfort in such party! War Thunder team of our club coordinates its action during a battle which provides an achievement of excellent results in a game.

Having joined our War Thunder clan you get following opportunities and advantages:

  • possibility to have an around-the-clock communication and coordination in voice chat;
  • new interesting meetings, new companions – our War Thunder clan regularly provides real paties for joyful and interesting pastime;
  • an aid of experienced gamers moreover an aid about any everyday life questions;
  • participation in trainings and tournaments between clubs;
  • listing in a list of the club fellowsand in gallery of our website.


Our team in War Thunder game is not just consolidation of gamers but a real alliance of friends. The KENT Club is not limited by a communication in internet. Our interests are much wider:

  • meetings and parties of the club fellows in a reality ;
  • bilateral aid about all questions and troubles;
  • an aid for sore children;;
  • continuously development of the Club, new projects and new catching ideas.

With us you will be able to play in a perfect War Thunder team and make your life more multifarious!

The fee of the Club is just 250 rubles per a month. All opportunities and advantages of our War Thunder clan can be got absolutely for free. Submit a request about joining the Club and after an approval of it administrators will make for you a frequenter account with all privileges for three days.

Go ahead to new victories with our War Thunder clan!