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If you like snazzy supercars and sense what need for speed means then you surely know the most popular game Need for Speed. For all lovers of crazy speed and splitting racing our Need for Speed clan is opened and it will help to achieve new tops in the game and to spend time very interesting and lively.


Classic racing action Need for Speed since 2010 is accessible in online game regime. This is arguably the best implementation of the famous serial movie. Huge and pretty nice open game world, really snazzy cars, splitting tracks – all of this is the advantage of franchise.

But the main positive side of online version NFS is that there are no bots in this game as your competitors but real gamers and it makes racing really lively, true and fascinating. Moreover gamers are able to be cooperated in teams in Need for Speed using different regimes of multiplayer game.

To play in a Need for Speed clan is much more preferable. In multiplayer regimes it is allowed to outdare agonists or to shake off the police pursuers. Multiplayer NFS is above a comparison with a single regime. If you want to feel all of its advantages, to spend time interesting and find new friends we shall offer you to join Need of Speed clan of the KENT Club.


The founders of the KENT Club are real fans of online games. When we realized how any game is transformed in multiplayer online regime we wanted to found own clan. The game list was continuously being improved and as a result the game club was appeared and then the bilateral aid clubas well – the KENT Club.

We are trying not to limit own interests and motivations. The following advantages are offered to the club fellows:

  • • own clans in popular online games including Need for Speed clan;
  • • a conversation in voice chats of inner circle rooms;
  • • providing real meetings between the club fellows;
  • • a bilateral aid and an aid for sore children..


Need for Speed clan of our Club organizes people captivated by this wonderful game. However we have a lot of other motivations, we love good jokes and funny parties. It will be really interesting with us. Having been consolidated near Need for Speed our clan gives gamers the widest opportunities for a mutual achievement a success in the game. Now why you should choose namely our team:

  • to play in Need for Speed clan is much more interesting than to play single;
  • we coordinate our game activity in voice chats and just have entertaining conversations;
  • experienced gamers of the clan are always ready to provide an aid for new entries in game process;
  • you are allowed to take a part in numerous mutual events provided by our Club and clan.

Our Need for Speed clan will provide you really entertaining pastime. The fee for being in Club is just 250 rubles per a month. Except but after approving your request by administrators you will be able to take all of privileges accessible for the club fellows for 3 days.

We will be glad to see you among the fellows of our Need for Speed clan!