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About the KENT game Club

Contemporary online games give gamers in actual fact absolute possibilities but however not nearly everybody use them to the full extend. If you want to get maximum from the favorite game then our game Club is that what you exactly need!


Our Club aims to show online games to be not only weapons, robots and battles but at first an opportunity of interesting communication with associates all over the world. We take an object to create real worldwide gamers brotherhood.

We improve a list of available games which will include all of the most popular projects in some time. From now forward gamers social networking website will be launched on a base of our Club for comfortable and interesting fellows’ cooperation.

Having joined our Club you get a possibility to find your friends and like-minded acquaintances in the most different countries and cities. You will be able to take a part in our regular meetings, forums, prizes drawings and other events. Our Club gives not only excellent possibilities for mutual entertainments, searching new friends and like-minded people, but it does help in commercials for the most different goods and services.

We do not forget about the youngest gamers. It will be created special children club department for them where they will be able not only to play but to communicate, take a part in different contests and mutual events. We will organize different trips for children (of course with an assent of their parents) where children will learn mush new, meet with the other fellows of the Club and interesting people.


The game KENT Club is a society of online games fans united by not only their own interests but by an aspiration to win, reach the best results in favorite games and just to get a maximum satisfaction from a game. Each fellow of the KENT Club automatically become the member of the game club. Active fellows may become administrators of our game servers, to control abidance by the rules of honest playing and to solve all appeared request.

We consolidate all of those who are interested in fascinating time spending in an excellent crew. Our club for captivated players offers you a possibility to join the clan in different and the most famous online games. Today we have the clans in such games as:

The list of the accessible games is being continuously improved. We aim to suggest all of those games which our fellows are interested by much. Furthermore our Club attention catches the richest novelties whose releases are just going to be published.

The clans of our game Club collects seriously captivated gamers. Here we are able to coordinate our activity and to work as one team. This makes a game be much more engrossing and lets to achieve high results. We love to win and hope you love besotting taste of the victory as well as we do!

Coordination of the mutual activity is provided by a voice chat. Each clan has its own audiochat with inner circle rooms and the groups in social networking websites which makes our mutual interaction as comfortable as it could be. We react upon each other with different themes which go well beyond the games. For another thing our Club regularly organizes live conversations for the gamers in reality. .


Having joined the quantity of our game Club fellows you get definitive advantages. This will not only do your favorite game even more interesting but will suggest new colors to your everyday life.

The main advantages which are offered by our game Club to gamers:

  • • participation in the best online games in a team of associates;
  • • participation in team tournaments of a different level including international;
  • • support of experienced gamers;
  • • trainings;
  • • possibility to game in own game Club servers;
  • • possibility for a free conversation, new meetings and new friends;
  • • further possibilities for VIP CARD owners.

The fee for the fellows of game Club is just 250 rubles per a month. This sum will be paid for the servers, advertising and the Club development. Some part of this fee is led to an aid for .

For new members we suggest an opportunity to assess our advantages absolutely free. You should just submit your request to join the Club and in a case of its approval you will be given all rights and liberties within 3 days. Having tried to game with us your will to stay in the Club will surely become permanent!

Become our partner and make your life more challenging!