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We obstinately suggest you to learn the principles of our community before final decision about joining the club. We are convinced that a necessary following these principles by all of the club affiliates and partners will be able to create the best factors for your participation in the KENT Club.

The KENT Clubis the international club of a bilateral aid, organizing the members, who are ready to provide an aid to each other voluntary in any extreme and hard satiations.

We use the term “bilateral aid” to show the whole conformity with its general meaning which includes providing all necessary aid by several affiliates to any member of our partnership in different situations. Bilateral aid can be used in wide sphere of activity.

Person who joined the club gets privileges containing a possibility to get mutual services from the other affiliates and a possibility to join changing of ideas and assessments.

The principles of The KENT Club are a necessary part of partnership for all community’s affiliates.

1. The members may get a help from the other partners by any way – from a usual advice till direct participation in a request’s solving.

Partnership (bilateral aid) has following attributes:

  1. mutual intention;
  2. mutual direction in achievement of intentions;
  3. personal interest of each partner;
  4. freedom – every subject who willed to assist in a cooperation and a bilateral aid is an independent and an unmastered unit of partnership;
  5. voluntariness;
  6. confidence.

2. We recognize a member of The KENT Club as every private person joined the club by paying a due and recurring fee with the sums which are defined by the Conditions of the Club and matched with them. Paying the dues and recurring fees:

  1. Nowadays joining the Club and the Club membership are based on gratuitousness. In a case of any changing in this statement you will be informed by administrators preliminary.
  2. Some part of the dues is accumulated by the Club for providing financial aid for its members in necessary cases and some part is accumulated for the club development. The unity of the Club members lets us solve any sort of problem.
  3. All reports which concern providing an aid are clearly depicted in a respective branch of the site.

3.If the Club affiliate ruled by his own decisions will will to leave a membership, in this case his dues and fees will not be put back to him.

4.The foundation of an assumption to The KENT Club is written declaration of candidate about joining and written recommendation of the current Club member with inviting to join from the side of The KENT Club Administration. All candidates are considered and accepted by The KENT Club administration without depending on existing of written recommendation letters from any partner of the Club. Every candidate get notification about a decision including a positive or a negative result which let or does not let him join the Club respectively. The current partner of the Club may give recommendations for joining the Club regarding the third individuals which according to his view are interested to become partners of The KENT Club and have responsibility enough to act in accordance with the Club Principles.

5. . Submitting a declaration about joining all candidates must provide authentic profile data. Providing apocryphal data can be considered as a foundation of a repeal positive accepted decision about an accession to the Club.

6. The KENT Club guaranties the partners applying of all necessary measures to protect provided private data. All of private information of the Club affiliates is strongly confidential and it cannot be passed to the third individuals except cases which are foreseen by remaining in force regulations.

7. The partners take all liability to the KENT Club fellows for providing their services. The Club separately from the name of a The Club member connects with the partners except cases when the Club will judge more relevant a direct connection between the Club fellow and partners.

8. The Club collaborators must take all necessary measures for conscientious and professional providing the liabilities to the Club affiliates and affiliates’ desires and orders during a process of ones’ collection with a condition of an existence of the possibilities and matching with the Principles and goals of the Club.

9. The KENT Club does not take the liability to the Club fellows for any services which were provided by The KENT Club as mediator between the Club fellow and a Partner including any relationship shades of the Club member’s cooperation with any Partner. At the same time The Club is ready to provide all necessary aid in any deals which are ruled by the Club fellow in a process of collaboration with a Partner.

10. The KENT Club undertakes to conduct all necessary measures for providing of security information, exception of viruses and another deleterious software over the Club site. However in a case of virus emerging or deleterious software over the site The KENT Club will not take the liability to visitors.

11. Staying The KENT Club fellow you approve your agreement for a absolute obeying these Principles during the whole period of a membership.