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The KENT Club administration

The beginning of any new business starts from an idea and those who take it for a realization. The success of the whole undertaking largely depends on urgency and a dedication of organizers. Budding and ambitious ideas often crash only because of lukewarm attitude towards a business from organizers. From the other side there are a lot of examples when projects got wide –ranging status due to a passion of founders. I was led by this statement during the creation of The KENT Club, and thuswise I am strongly sure in its success.

I love our country, follow positive views to a life and I am led by active life position. Basing on taking a mutual fancy for computer games I created game club for “inner circle”. ”. But our club stated to be expanded by new joined fellowsvery quickly and that let us have new possibilities and confidence in a further necessary development.

I recognized very soon that we should not limit the club development by games – it is too little. As a result I found an idea of a transformation for a usual club of online games fans to the classified community. You are able to see already now what it led to. Nowadays The KENT Club consolidates people with different interests. Here you can find friends, business partners, interesting companions and even your love. Else here you are able to talk, to have a fun, to solve any different business questions. The important principles of the Club became bilateral aid and a charity. The fellows of The KENT Club help to each other in taking decisions of any troubles and are able to get financial aid from the fund which is formed by the member fees. Besides a quarter of the total fees is referred by us to an aid for suffering children.

The KENT Club is led in its activity by the principles below:

  • consideration of The KENT Club fellows interests;
  • full clarity over the club affiliates;
  • attraction the affiliates to active partnership in the club life;
  • focusing on the outlook and the development.

I aim to aggrandize our club as much as it is possible, to make it even more interesting and useful for each fellow. This will allow us to take a condition for the hardest problems to be solved and to take a participation in an aid for those who need to be backed.

The KENT Club administration is always ready to consider wishes and remarks regarding any aspects of the Club activity. Be sure all of your ideas will be taken into account!