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It is very important to help those who need backing most of all. Charity is one of the most important performance directions of the KENT Club because we provide aid for children affected by diseases. Our Club is just focused on real addressed aid which gives real results and save lives.


The KENT Club consolidates successful people who aim not only to spend pastime and solve current problems mutually but to make some kindness. From the very beginning of our activity we help children who need expensive treatment and operations.

One of the most difficult problems of such children is necessity of preparation of critical sums for treatment. It is exactly where we are able to provide aid mutually. Our Club and its fellows can lend support with three ways:

  • 25 % of all Club fees we spend for aim for aid for sore children;
  • Partners may provide free-will donations from their own names;
  • Partners may provide free-will donations from the Club name.

We help sore children with focused backing. Our organizing committee looks for children who need aid most of all. All of fellows may suggest candidates as well. We forward the facilities to be received by recipient and be spent for children treatment.

The KENT Club longs for not only direct help for children but for a popularization of charity giving an example for other organizations and representatives of business. Due to this we are sure more children will get a chance for a happy and full life!


The fellows of the KENT Club are able to be sure totally that money is exactly forwarded to a help for children and not to some other objectives. If it is necessary the administration is ready to list all of reports about spending the facilities of the charity aid.

The administration tries above all to provide an aid for sore children from regions where the Club fellows live. We specially look for such children and medical centers for providing addressed help watched by our members by their own. It let them take a part directly in charity program.

Discussions about assistance can be forwarded with a participation of news media representatives with further publishing of reports on the website of the Club. Furthermore each partner has a right to take a part personally in arrangement of charity acts and be present during actions regarding assistance for sore children.

Let’s help children together!